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Bamboo Handles Large

Bamboo Handles Large
Item# 904307

Product Description

Approximately 6 inches in inside diameter
Shown with X Large Wrapping Scarf
Set of 2 pieces

More on Bamboo by the Sustainability Ninja

According to information in a recent report released by the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan, up to 1.5 billion people currently depend in some way on bamboo products. Many organizations are currently looking into how cultivating bamboo in economically deprived areas can bolster the income of the people of those countries, such as small-scale local farmers. There is a good chance that these farmers and their families could avoid poverty by connecting with domestic and foreign buyers.

Currently, China is the global leader in bamboo production with 80% of the world market. They also use 60% of it. According to experts, smaller and less affluent bamboo-producing countries like Vietnam are in an excellent position to compete with China by supplying bamboo and rattan at lower prices.

The reason that growing bamboo increases income levels more than other types of crop is due to its versatility and the speed at which it it can grow. Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world, with an astounding growth rate of up to 60 centimeters a day.

This makes bamboo is a truly renewable resource which is durable, strong and has a vast number of practical uses


Black Cheetah Large
Blue Plaid XL

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