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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

About BOBO
The BOBO Wrapping Scarf is a multifunctional personal accessory that can be used as bag, wine carrier, home decor, reusable gift wrap and so much more. There is no need for sewing, scissors, tape or or any additional tools. If you can tie your shoes, you can use the BOBO wrapping scarf.

The wrapping scarf tradition comes mainly from Korea and Japan and originated centuries ago as a way to wrap and transport items before the widespread use of paper and plastic. BOBO is dedicated to designing and producing top quality merchandise that will encourage people to painlessly live a greener lifestyle.

Artist Patricia Lee, owner of Greenwich Portraits and author of The Wrapping Scarf Revolution, is the founder and creative director of BOBO. Growing up in a traditional Korean household of 4 generations, she often saw her grandmother and great-grandmother wrap and carry with old fabric wrapping scarves. However, it wasn't until a visit to her birthplace of Korea in the early 90s that she discovered how artistic and sophisticated wrapping scarves could be. She fell in love with the beauty, simplicity, and functionality of the wrapping scarf and today, as a painter and designer, she is passionate about making this lifestyle accessible to everyone.

In homage to this wonderful tradition, the name BOBO comes from the Korean word for wrapping scarves, "Bojagi". Unfortunately, the popularity of the wrapping scarf in Asia has long been in decline in favor of disposable products, but BOBO believes that the time is right to bring this wonderful tradition to the rest of the world and celebrate this ancient wisdom in our time of environmental crisis.

The BOBO Wrapping Scarf is a stunningly fresh, Earth friendly product that will multi-task itself into your heart. We hope that you will spread the beauty and wisdom of BOBO to everyone you know.

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