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Music by Hwang Byung Ki

For hundreds of years, the wrapping scarf, or bojagi, was an indispensable tool in Korea. Bojagi was used by young and old, rich and poor, throughout the day to perform multiple tasks involving wrapping, protecting, and transporting goods.

While bojagis were often made from scraps of leftover fabric, this wonderful idea developed into an elegant art form that truly married form and function. Sadly, the popularity of the wrapping scarf has long been in decline in Asia due to the modern conveniences of disposable gift wrap and disposable bags.

Unlike bags which are fixed in shape, bojagi receives an object and adapts to its shape for a custom fit. This is why bojagi is such a practical tool for wrapping and carrying.

Inspired by this eco-fabulous tradition, BOBO is dedicated to sharing the wisdom and beauty of bojagi with all the people of the world.

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