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Bottle Cap Tripod

Bottle Cap Tripod
Item# DM301

Product Description

A great solution for taking a "tripod" everywhere you go!

Are you guilty of taking a picture with your arm stretched out while holding a camera trying to look "natural"?

Now there is a cure for that and it is the Bottle Cap Tripod.

This convenient digital camera holder has a universal thread mount with an adjustable angular design.

The cap mounts to any standard bottle top and can easily be dismounted and unscrewed quickly to store in your bag.

* Mounts on any standard water or soda bottle * Pivots up to 15 degrees in any direction * Works best with point and shoot cameras * Portable and lightweight * Universal camera mount fits any camera * Great for group photos, and night shots

1 7/8 x 1 7/8 in.

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