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Mother of Pearl Compact Mirror, Happiness

Mother of Pearl Compact Mirror, Happiness
Item# CM2798
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Mother of Pearl Compact Mirror, Happiness
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Compact Mirror with Mother of Pearl Butterfly

The butterfly, a symbol of free love and happiness that has been used to decorate ladies' fashion or home accessories, is redesigned for this stylish professional make up mirror which has two mirrors - a regular and a magnifying. The elaborate adornment with the iridescence of mother of pearl designs makes it an impressive item for collection. The embossed arabesque pattern on the backside surface, which helps prevent slipping, adds beautiful panache to this professional make up mirror.

Size: 2.6" Diameter (6.5cm)

Hand Inlaid Mother of Pearl, Made in Korea

Beautifully gift boxed with information sheet. Gift wrapped with BOBO Jewel Tone Double Layered Wrap.

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