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Birth Year for Horses
01/30/1930-02/16/1931, 02/15/1942-02/04/1943, 02/03/1954-01/23/1955, 01/21/1966-02/08/1967, 02/07/1978-01/27/1979, 01/27/1990-02/14/1991, 02/12/2002-01/31/2003, 01/31/2014-02/18/2015,

The Common Personality of People Born in Horse Year:
People born in the year of the horse are extremely animated, active and energetic. Horses love to be in a crowd and like entertainment, they have a deft sense of humor, they love to take center stage and delight audiences everywhere. They are trustworthy, friendly and like to be surrounded by their relatives and friends. They usually have a large circle of acquaintances, but they never rely on their friends too much. Sometimes, the horse is a little self-centered, but it doesn't mean that he will not be interested in any problems except his own. However, a horse person is really more cunning than intelligent, that is probably due to the fact that most horse people lack confidence. Sometimes, they are very independent and rarely listen to advice

The Common Strengths and Weaknesses of the Year of the Horse Person

The horse people are generally energetic, noble, free spirited and clever. They have ingenious communicating techniques and in their community they always want to be in the limelight, so they have good friends and are well liked by many people. Although they sometimes talk too much, they are cheerful, perceptive, talented, earthy but stubborn. They are able to come up with new ideas and active at work and refuse to be reconciled to failure, although their endeavor cannot last indefinitely. The Horse person is a sociable likeable person most of the time, they can take advantage of this by getting everybody to work together to achieve goals.

The Horse person is patient up to a point, but they can be hot tempered. If you pushed too far, the Horse person can lose their temper. They cannot bear too much constraint. They then lash out (just like a horse) at others which can undo the good relationships they have built up with their good social skills. They can also be stubborn just like a horse. They are wasteful since they are not good with matters of finance due to a lack of budgetary efficiency. The Horse person has many followers but they are not always receptive to other points of view. They tend to interfere in many things and frequently fail to finish projects of their own.

Best: Tiger, Sheep, Dog
Worst: Rat, Ox, Rabbit

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