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1 Bottle Wrap
1 Bottle Wrap and Carry
2 Wine Bottles Wrapped
2 Wine or Large Water Bottles

Summer Special! Watermelon Craft Set
Special Offer! Emerald Set
Special Offer! Holiday Special
Special Offer! Ruby Set
ABC 6, December 2009
About BOBO
All About the Korean Bojagi - A Special Video
All American Mommy
Amaze Magazine
Americana Large
Americana Set
Americana Small
Amethyst Group
Amethyst Lattice
Amethyst Sparkle
Amethyst Stripe
Amethyst Velvet Dot
Amethyst/ Blue Topaz
Apple Green Crinkle Medium
Back in Stock! Mother of Pearl Card Case, Abundance
Back in Stock! Mother of Pearl Card Case, Spirit
Back in Stock! Mother of Pearl Compact Mirror, Longevity
Back in Stock! Mother of Pearl Compact Mirror, Prosperity
Back in Stock! Mother of Pearl Cuff Links and Tie Clip Set, Luck
Back in Stock! Mother of Pearl Letter Opener, Power
Bamboo Bead Stretchie
Bamboo Chopsticks, Set of 4
Bamboo Handles
Bamboo Handles Large
Bamboo Sapphire
Bandana Print
Bandana Print Craft Set Medium
Bandanalux Craft Set Medium
Best Sellers
Big Brown Polka XL
Black Cheetah
Black Cheetah Craft Set
Black Cheetah Large
Black Cheetah Large Craft Set
Black Cheetah S
Black Rose
Black Rose

Black Rose Craft Set Medium
Black Rose Medium
Blue Plaid XL
BOBO Bungees / Hair Accessories, 4 Pack
BOBO Craft Kit
BOBO Craft Set
BOBO Everyday Wraps
BOBO Gifts & Accessories
BOBO Reusable Gift Wrap
BOBO Size Guide
BOBO Size Guide
Bottle Cap Tripod
Bow Tie Wrap with Covered Knot Video
Bronze Medallion
Business Card Case, Summer Iris
Canary Group
Canary Lattice
Canary Sparkle
Canary Stripe
Canary/ Chestnut
Carrie and Danielle
CBS Tampa
Celadon Tea Cup Set with Saucers, Longevity
Celadon Tea Mug Set with Ceramic Strainer and Lid
Celadon Tea Mug Set, Longevity
Celebrate Green! Book + Wrap Gift Set
Chartreuse Dragon Small
Cherry Gingham
Chicago Bride Magazine
Chinese Horoscope Fun
Chocolate & Almond Dipped Cookie Sticks
Christmas Decorations Magazine
Christmas Love Card 5x7"
Clearance! Silver Metallic Medium, 2 Pack
Colored Lights Set
Comments & Questions
Connecticut Magazine, December 2009
Copper/ Fern
Courtly Gems Group
CraftStylish Magazine
Crimson Medallion
Daily Candy
Dark Bamboo Handles Medium
Decorate Your Own Reusable Lunch Bags
Delight Card - 5x7"
Do One Thing Green Today
Double Layered Large
Doubles as Picnic Wrap and Picnic Blanket
Eco Chick
Eco Diva
Edmonton Journal
Emerald Group
Emerald Lattice
Emerald Solid
Emerald Solid Premium
Emerald Solid Value Set
Emerald Sparkle
Emerald Stripe
Emerald Velvet Dot
Emerald/ Blue Topaz
Epoch Times
Epoch Times China
Fashion Chicago Magazine
Fashion Chicago Magazine
Fern Group
Fern Lattice
Fern Sparkle
First Birthday Dol
Fuchsia Leaves
Fun Stuff
Garden Blooms XL
Get Married Magazine, Spring 2010
Gift Enclosure - 2.5x3"
Gift Page
Gift with Bling
Gift Wrapped BOBO Butterfly Clips, Set of 5
Gifts & Decorative Accessories, January 09
Gifts and Decorative Accessories, Daily Pick
Globe and Mail
Gold Lattice Medium
Good Morning America, December 2009
Green Bag
Green Goodness Value Set
Green Mama
Green Paisley
Green Paisley with Fuschia $24
Green Paisley with Fuschia Craft Set Medium
Green Parent Chicago
Green Polka Dots
Green Polka Dots
Craft Set L

Green Polka Dots
Craft Set

Greenwich Citizen
Greeting Cards
Halter Top Tutorial
Happy Birthday Card - 5x7"
Happy Birthday Card - 5x7"
Happy Birthday Card - 5x7"
Happy Birthday Gift Enclosure - 2.5x3"
Happy Mother's Day Card - 5x7" Out of Stock
HGTV Change the World
Hobo Bag
Black Rose

Hobo Bag Kit
Hobo Bag Kit Bamboo Sapphire
Hobo Bag Kit Bandanalux
Hobo Bag Kit Big Brown Polka
Hobo Bag Kit Black Cheetah
Hobo Bag Kit Chartreuse Dragon
Hobo Bag Kit Fuschia Leaf
Hobo Bag Kit Garden Blooms
Hobo Bag Kit India Paisley
Hobo Bag Kit Mandarin Orange Velvet Dot
Hobo Bag Kit Poppy Love
Hobo Bag Kit Rose Citrus
Hobo Bag Kit Rose Mango
Hobo Bag Kit Shanghai Peony
Hobo Bag Kit Wildflowers
Holiday Special! Merry Merry Set
Holiday Stripe
Homefront TV
I Adore You Card - 5x7"
I Love You Card - 3.5x5"
Ideal Bite
Ideal Bite
In the News
India Paisley M
Indigo Bloom
Ivy League
Jewel Tone Small Value Set
JoongAng Ilbo / KoreaDaily.com
Jumbo Wrap Bandanalux
Jumbo Wrap Big Brown Polka
Jumbo Wrap Franz
Jumbo Wrap Garden Blooms
Jumbo Wrap Pink Ikat
Jumbo Wrap Poppy Love
Jumbo Wrap Riviera
Jumbo Wrap Scarlet
Jumbo Wrap Willow
Just Luxe
KBS News, January 2010
Kids and Baby
King Me
Korea Times
Korean Entertainment
Korean Etiquette
Korean Food
Korean Planter Cover
Korean Traditional Dress
Korean Wedding Traditions
LA Splash Magazine
Large Double Layer
Lavendar Kiwi Small
Lavender Kiwi Chiffon
Lavender Metallic Large, 2 Pack
Lavender Metallic Small, 2 Pack
Lemon Tree Magazine
Lilac Mums
Limited Edition Special Value! Holiday Silks
Limited Time Special Offers
Line Dry Your Clothes
Litlle Green Blog
Little Green Blog
Lucky Seven Pack with Bungees
Lux Leopard Acid Yellow
Madame Butterfly
Make Every Day Earth Day Set Pack, Orange
Mandarin Orange Dots
Mandarin Orange Group
Mandarin Orange Lattice
Mandarin Orange Lattice
Mandarin Orange Solid
Marina Vines
Media Kit
Medium Double Layer
Mercedes Zebra
Mighty Wallets
Miss Me Card - 5x7"
Mom and I Magazine, February 2010
Mom Fuse
Moss Group
Moss Solid
Moss Velvet Dot
Mother of Pearl Card Case, Longevity
Mother of Pearl Cherish Box, Wisdom
Mother of Pearl Compact Mirror, Confidence
Mother of Pearl Compact Mirror, Dreams
Mother of Pearl Compact Mirror, Happiness
Mother of Pearl Compact Mirror, Joy
Mother of Pearl Compact Mirror, Spirit
Mother of Pearl Letter Opener, Prosperity
Mother of Pearl Pen Holder, Longevity
Mother of Pearl Picture Frame, Dreams
Mother of Pearl Picture Frame, Faith
Mother of Pearl Picture Frame, Happiness
My Home Ideas
Natural Bamboo Handles Medium
Natural Shell Gift Tags
Naturally Savvy
New Arrivals
New Jersey Family, December 09
New Video! EveryDay Gift Wrapping in Orange
New Video! Jumbo Wrap One Shoulder Top
New Video! Jumbo Wrap Swim Suit Cover Up
New Video! The Bungee Wrap
New Year Trio
$36, 2 For $68

New! Medium Metallic Wrap Set, 5 Pack
New! Orange Pulp, Medium
New! Baby Wrap Mini
New! Bamboo Bangles, Set of Two
New! Bamboo Insulated Lunch Tote
New! BOBO Crystal Heart Bungee / Hair Accessory
New! Celadon Tea Cup Set with Saucers, Seasons
New! Cherry Tang
New! Create Your Own Mighty Wallet
New! Create Your Own Wallet + Tripod Gift Set
New! Explorer Mighty Wallet + Bottle Cap Tripod Gift Set
New! Gold Sparkle
New! Green Metallic, 2 Pack
New! Jumbo Swaddle Wraps
New! Jumbo Wrap Chinoiserie Silk
New! Jumbo Wrap Poppy Silk
New! Jumbo Wrap White Butterfly
New! Jumbo Wrap Zebra
New! Korean Savory Roasted Seaweed Treat
New! Letter Opener, Longevity
New! Mandarin Orange Check
New! Mandarin Orange Special Set
New! Mandarin Orange Stripe
New! Media Mogul Wallet + Tripod Gift Set
New! Mini Bow Tie Wrap Video
New! Mini Wraps, Set of 2
New! Mix & Match Singles
New! Moss Lattice
New! Moss Sparkle
New! Mother of Pearl Card Case, Peace & Prosperity
New! Mother of Pearl Rosewood Jewelry Box
New! Multi-Functioning Purse Hanger
New! Newsprint Mighty Wallet
New! Olive Shimmer 5 Pack
New! Olive Shimmer, 2 Pack
New! Periwinkle
New! Pink Sapphire Check
New! Pink Sapphire Solid
New! Platinum
New! Poppy Love Jumbo Craft Set
New! Rosewood Mother of Pearl Hexagonal Box, Spirit
New! Rosewood Mother of Pearl Keepsake Box
New! Royal Bride
New! Seven Gems Set, Medium
New! Silver Sparkle
New! Silver Stripe
New! Sunny Seven Set, Medium
New! The Bat Box, Desktop Business Card Box
New! The Double Bow Wrap
New! Turquoise Polka
New! You Are My Sunshine Set, Medium
News 12 NJ, 12/22/09
NJ Savvy Living
Organic Lifestyle
Organic Lifestyle
Page 2
Paisley Park
Paisley Park Craft Set
Peppermint Patty
Pet Purse Cover
Phoenix Home and Garden, December 09
Pink Confection
Pink Confection Craft Set
Pink Metallic, 2 Pack
Pink Organza Solid with Green $18
Pink Organza with Green M
Pink Organza with Kelly Green
Pink Sapphire Group
Pink Sapphire Lattice
Pink Sapphire Stripe
Pink Sapphire Velvet Dot
Pinky Brown Craft Set
Pinky Brown Large
Pinky Brown Polka Dots
Pinky Brown Polka M
Pittsburgh Post Tribune
Planter Cover
Platinum Value Set of 5
Plum Leopard
Plum Leopard, Yellow M
Poppy Love XL
Postage Stamps of Antique Bojagi
Premium Print Wraps
Premium Tartary Buckwheat Tea
Preppy Polka Craft Set Medium
Preppy Polka Medium
Preppy Polka S
Press Release
Red Garnet/ Forest Green
Redbook, April 2010
Regal Ivy
Retail Locations
Rose Citrus
Rose Mango Small
Royal Blue Paisley

Royal Snow Craft Set

Royal Wedding
Royal Wedding, Large
Ruby Group
Ruby Lattice
Ruby Solid
Ruby Sparkle
Ruby Stripe
Ruby Value Set Medium
Ruby Velvet Dot
Ruby Zag
Sailing to Sea
Scream to be Green
Seasonal Wraps
Seattle Style
Shanghai Peony
Shop Now
Silver and Gold
Silver Sparkle
Sky Group
Sky Lattice
Sky Sparkle
Sky Stripe
Small Double Layer
Small Red Metallic, 2 Pack
Socially Constructive Principles
Sold Out! Mother of Pearl Contemporary Jewelry Box
South Park Magazine, August 2009
Special Book Set
Special Offer! Amethyst Set
Special Offers
Special Value! Fabulous Four Pack, 2 for $70
Special Value! Solids Set, 6 Pack Sm or Med
Special Value! Super Lucky Seven Pack
Spring Green Flowers
Spring Green Flowers XL
Steamed Buns with Sweet Red Bean Paste
Store Adore
Strapless Top Tutorial
Sugar Plum Group
Sugar Plum Lattice
Sugar Plum Lattice
Sugar Plum Sparkle
Sugar Plum Velvet Dot
Summer Lime Medium
Summer Lime L
Sunny Seven Set
Sunny Side Up
Tangerine Paisley
Tea Gift Set, Green Tea & Tartary Buckwheat Tea
Teal Dots
Teal/ Fuchsia
Thank You Card - 5x7"
Thank You Gift Enclosure - 2.5x3"
Thank You Mom Card - 5x7"
The Bow Tie Knot with Pocket
The Bow Tie Wrap
The Cross Body Bag & The Hobo Bag
The Diamond Wrap
The Empress Collection Wraps
The Glamorous WAHM
The Jewel Tone Wraps

The Jumbo Wrap
The Korea Times
The Lotus Wrap
The Luxury Spot
The Nate Berkus Show
The Orchid Wrap Video
The Post Journal, 12/19/09
The Professional Vegan
The Succulent Wife
The Tissue Box Frock
The Voice of Mom
The Wedding Page
The Wrapping Scarf Revolution
The Wrapping Scarf Revolution, Signed Edition
Think Pink Value Set
Thinking of You Card - 5x7"
Time Out New York
Tissue Box Wrapped with Small Pinky Brown
Toaster Cover
Today Show
Top Ten Lists
Top Ten Lists
Top Ten Wraps
Turquoise Group
Turquoise Lattice
Turquoise Lavender
Turquoise Metallic, 2 Pack
Turquoise Poppy
Turquoise Poppy Craft Set
Turquoise Poppy Every Day
Turquoise Poppy Small
Turquoise Solid
Turquoise Solid Green Premium
Turquoise Solid Premium
Turquoise Sparkle
Turquoise Stripe
Turquoise Value Set
Turquoise Velvet Dots
Two Bottle Wrap & Carry
Two Wine Bottles Cherry Gingham
Viv Mag
What's a BOBO?
Wildflowers Craft Set
Wildflowers Medium
Winter Wish Gift Enclosure 2.5x3"
Wooden Beads Stretchie, 2 Pack
Wrapping Scarf Revolution, Signed Edition Gift Set
WSR Press Release
You Inspire Me Card - 5x7"
Zebra Print
Zebra Print Craft Set
Zebra Print Extra Large
Zebra Print Hobo Bag Kit

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