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Line Dry Your Clothes

Line Dry Your Clothes
Line Dry Your Clothes

Is there anything more wonderful than clean crisp laundry that's been dried in the sun? BOBO Wrapping Scarves are all hand washable and best air dried. It's amazing that we all have the power of the sun right at our fingertips yet most of us don't consider this option in our busy lives.

Considering that automatic dryers are second only to the refrigerator in amount of energy consumed in homes, it's time to rethink the issue. Not only is it green, it saves a lot of money too! The power of the sun also disinfects clothes and helps keep whites their whitest.

Unbelievably, outdoor clotheslines are illegal in many homeowners' associations around the country including all 35,000 in the oh so sunny state of California. In our state of Connecticut, a bill proposed for years to give all Nutmeggers the right to dry has yet to be passed.

Many aficionados of sun drying laundry swear by the merits of grass drying and claim that this method helps bleach whites to new heights due to an oxidation from the green grass. Not sure about that one but we have tried the grass method and it works just fine when a line isn't handy or legal!

Towels take an especially long time to dry and thus zap even more energy than ordinary laundry. Do one thing green today and try drying some towels using "solar power". Remember that one green thing will most certainly lead to another!

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