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Mother of Pearl Card Case, Longevity

Mother of Pearl Card Case, Longevity
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This truly magnificent mother of pearl card holder also has a highly polished mirror inside. It is ornamented with an elegant mother of pearl design of 10 creatures that ancient Koreans, influenced by the Taoist philosophy, believed were created to enjoy eternal youth: sun, stone, water, cloud, pine tree, deer, bulnocho ('herb of eternal youth'), turtle, crane, and mountain. Inspired by the belief in a Taoist utopian world resided by Taoist elders who had found the secret of eternal life, ancient Koreans revealed their dreams of such a world through the 10 creatures. is ornamented with a design of carp in a lotus pond. The design of the lotus is a a symbol of Buddha's seat as well as the Paradise where Buddha resides. When the lotus flower is pictured with a fish it means abundance year after year.

A favorite subject for arts and crafts in Korea and China, carp symbolize success in life; this representation comes from a Chinese legend in which a fish became a dragon as soon as it arrived at the head of the Yellow River in spring. In Korea, it is also a symbol of filial piety following a folk tale in which a son searches deep mountain valleys in the middle of winter to catch fish for his aged mother.

The embossed pattern on the backside and inside surface, which helps prevent slipping, adds beautiful panache to this card holder.

Size: 3.7"W x 2.4"D (9.5 x 6cm)

Metal with Hand Inlaid Mother of Pearl, Made in Korea

Beautifully gift boxed with information sheet.

Gift wrapped with BOBO Jewel Tone Double Layered Wrap.

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