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Mother of Pearl Picture Frame, Faith

Mother of Pearl Picture Frame, Faith
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Mother of Pearl Picture Frame, Faith
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Lacquer Picture Frame with Mother of Pearl, Faith

The decorative mother of pearl chrysanthemum and butterfly design embellishes this wooden home decor picture frame. The mother of pearl inlaying technique developed over a millennium ago complements this modern object wonderfully. You can now display your precious photographs in this one of a kind picture frame.

One of the "four noble beings" (sagunja) symbolizing fidelity and loyalty, the chrysanthemum has been one of the most favorite subjects used for adorning craftworks as it blooms until late autumn, thus overcoming the frost. Can be displayed portrait or landscape.

Size: 7.1" x 9.1" (18 x 23cm), Photo Opening 5" x 7"

Hand inlaid mother of pearl. Made in Korea.

Gift Wrapped with BOBO Jewel Tone Double Layered Wrap.

New! Personalized Picture Option. Email us your picture and we will print on premium photo paper and put it in the frame for an extra special gift surprise.

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