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New! Multi-Functioning Purse Hanger

New! Multi-Functioning Purse Hanger
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Product Description

New! Multi-Functioning Purse Hanger
This ingenious purse hanger is so clever and versatile, we call it The Purse Hanger 2.0. Simply clip it to your handbag strap and leave it there as a decorative accent. It can even be worn as a bangle bracelet. No digging for that hanger every time you want to use it!

The clip opens with one hand and instantly hooks onto table edges, chairs, doors, rails, and carts and holds your handbag securely.

Use it in restaurants, restrooms, sporting events, inside cars and more. No more asking passengers to hold your purse while you drive. This is the only purse hanger with one-handed convenience that allows you to just grab and go.

Spark Awards International Design Competition 2009 Finalist

Holds up to 45 lbs.

Made in USA


Jumbo Wrap Riviera
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