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New! Letter Opener, Longevity

New! Letter Opener, Longevity
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New! Letter Opener, Longevity
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Letter Opener with Mother of Pearl Longevity Painting Design

This stylish letter opener blade is ornamented with an elegant design of traditional symbols of longevity. Ancient Koreans, influenced by the Taoist philosophy, believed these were created to enjoy eternal youth: sun, stone, water, cloud, pine tree, deer, bulnocho ('herb of eternal youth'), turtle, crane, and mountain. Inspired by the belief in a Taoist utopian world resided by Taoist elders who had found the secret of eternal life, ancient Koreans revealed their dreams of such a world through the 10 creatures.

Size: 6.3" Length (16cm)

Made in Korea

Beautifully gift boxed and wrapped with double layered Jewel Tone wrap.


Mother of Pearl Card Case, Longevity
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