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Premium Tartary Buckwheat Tea

Premium Tartary Buckwheat Tea
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Product Description

We fell in love with this delicious and unique tea on a recent trip to Korea and were blown away by the tremendous health benefits associated with tartary buckwheat.

Also called golden buckwheat, this fragrant and flavorful tea has a satisfying nuttiness that is soothing and refreshing. Caffeine-free and chock full of Rutin, tartary buckwheat tea helps to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol as well as lower blood sugar levels.

Health effects of Rutin (From Wikipedia):
- Rutin inhibits platelet aggregation, making the blood thinner and improves circulation.
- Rutin has anti-inflammatory activity
- Rutin inhibits aldose reductase activity. Aldose reductase is an enzyme normally present in the eye and elsewhere in the body. It helps change glucose (sugar - glucose) into a sugar alcohol called sorbitol.

Try it yourself or give this hard to find treasure as a truly unique gift.

40 Tea Bags, Premium Roasted Whole Tartary Buckwheat, 1600 mg Rutin/100 g Tartary Buckwheat

Information Sheet Included

FDA Certified, Made in Korea

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