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Inspired by the ancient Korean tradition of
wrapping with fabric called Bojagi, BOBO is...

Eco-Luxe: A multi-purpose reusable accessory that is also ultra-stylish and luxurious.

User Friendly: If you can tie your shoes you can tie a wrapping scarf. In Asia, children traditionally use wrapping scarves to wrap their lunch for school.

Convenient: No scissors, tape or other tools needed.

Multifunctioning: The wrapping scarf can wrap wine bottles, stacks of paper or a packed lunch, as easily as it can wrap gifts.

A Custom Fit: Unlike bags, the wrapping scarf adapts itself to the size and shape of the object being wrapped to create a custom fit.

Great for Small Motor Skills: Asians are famous for their dexterity with their hands. Many consider the wrapping scarf along with chopsticks to be key factors in helping develop small motor skills in children.

Sustainable: BOBO Wrapping Scarves are made in the USA in fully inspected facilities. Instead of using virgin materials to create new fabric, BOBOs are made from carefully selected fabrics that already exist in the world.

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